Build A Pathway To Academic Success In The United States

EduAbroad provides a broad range of offerings in this area, including F-1 private and public school placements, a full range of attractive boarding and day school offerings, and a suite of services to support the student’s course of study.

Public School

American public schools allow international students to get the “traditional” American high school experience at a lower cost than some other competing options. Public school programs in the United States utilize the F-1 VISA and I-20 form. Such schools in the United States tend to be larger than their private counterparts, and offer a good chance for students with solid English skills and independence to excel and to get a taste of the real American high school experience. Public school programs are currently limited to a single year enrollment limit, so are best suited to a student that is coming for a shorter term cultural experience or that intends to transfer to another school when the first year is completed.

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Private School

Private schools in the United States offer a great variety of schooling options for international students. Private schools represented by EduAbroad typically utilize the F-1 visa and I-20 form. From the smallest private boarding schools to large and diverse day schools, Edu Abroad works directly with partner schools all across the continental United States. Private schools typically offer a very tailored educational experience with special programs, very close attention from school staff and faculty, and small class sizes. These attributes make private schools an ideal place for building foundational skills, improving English skills, and getting close personal interaction with fellow students and with mentors.

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A Partial List Of EduAbroad Schools


Sweetwater Union High School District

  • Bonita Vista High School
  • Castle Park High School
  • Eastlake High School
  • Olympian High School
  • Otay Ranch High School
  • Southwest High School
  • Sweetwater High School
  • Bonita Vista Middle School
  • Castle Park Middle School
  • Eastlake Middle School
  • National City Middle School
  • Southwest Middle School

Grossmont Union High School District

  • Grossmont High School
  • Mount Miguel High School
  • El Capitan High School
  • Valhalla High School

Chula Vista Elementary School District

  • Hazel Goes Cook Elementary
  • Eastlake Elementary
  • Saburo Muraoka Elementary
  • Otay Elementary
  • Salt Creek Elementary
  • Wolf Canyon Elementary


Private Schools

  • Christian High School
  • Mater Dei High School
  • San Diego Academy


Charter Schools

  • Arroyo Vista Charter
  • Feaster Charter
  • High Tech High

Tutoring Services

Foreign students often need extra help as they transition to the American school system. That’s why EduAbroad has connections with a large network of tutors and mentors for all situations and subjects. Having a little trouble with that math or English assignment at school? Need extra help getting prepared for an important exam? Tell us what you need and a tutor can be at your house immediately. Tutoring can also be arranged on a regular basis to supplement a student’s learning experience.

Tutoring Services

Private Coaching

Many international students wish to continue pursuing a special talent or interest that they bring from their home country. EduAbroad helps match students with musicians, artists, or experts in other fields to provide coaching in those activities. Students with a good balance of extra-curricular activities have an easier time gaining acceptance to college. Additionally, students with special talents have access to extra scholarship opportunities.

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Tutoring Services

General Academic Support

International students often struggle to complete their homework assignments as they transition to the American school system. To help smooth the process, an academic tutor can assist international students with overcoming the initial cultural shock and language barrier.

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Tutoring Services

College Preparation

EduAbroad recommends that students take advantage of our college preparation tutoring program. Students learn test-taking techniques that improve their score on standardized tests such as the TOEFL or SAT. College preparation tutors also help students organize and complete college applications correctly.

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Tutoring Services

English Language Support

Most international students choose to supplement their education with additional language tutoring. This valuable assistance helps students not only with their academic success, but also builds their confidence in communicating with others and making new friends.

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