What Is It Like To Live Like An American Student?

Our short-term programs can run from as short as one day up to anything less than one semester of the school year. Students will gain first-hand experience with the American education system, learn from native English speakers, and have a chance to make long-lasting friendships.

American Companion

EduAbroad’s American Companion Program is an amazing opportunity for international students to grow and learn through firsthand experience studying and living with local American students. This program is offered in both public and private schools, from elementary to high school levels.

  • Attend classes alongside an American companion.
  • Pair up with a a native English speaking student (“buddy”).
  • Go to classes and eat lunch together with companion.
  • Participate in after school activities.
  • Stay with one of our host families.

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Theme Camps

Every summer, kids from all across the United States join summer camps to enjoy all sorts of educational and fun activities. Now, international students can be immersed in the fun and learn a new skill while practicing their English. Students will be in camps with native English-speaking students. During their camp, students stay with an American family giving them the opportunity to practice their English language skills. American camps, for both groups and individuals, are subject to availability, season, space, and age restrictions.

English Immersion Camps

English is rapidly becoming the most used language across the globe. Whether you are just beginning to learn the English language, or you have already mastered the fundamentals, studying English at one of the many prestigious English Language Programs, we work with across the United States, can both drastically improve your English proficiency, as well as enrich your life with unique experiences while studying in the U.S.

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