Open Your Doors To A Foreign Exchange Student

EduAbroad is always searching for safe homes and caring people to join our host family network. Becoming a host family is a rewarding experience—it allows the opportunity to nurture a young life, all while enriching your own.

About Hosting

Becoming a host family is a rewarding experience that allows cultural interaction and exchange, learning, and growth for both student and family. As enjoyable as the experience is, you must be sure you are ready for the process of hosting a student. Nurturing a student away from his or her home is much more than having a “renter” in your house. International students must be attended to as if they are your own children. Though challenging, families that can put in the effort with these students find that the experience makes it more than worthwhile!

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Process Of Becoming A Host

Fill out application upon inquiring with EduAbroad

Begin matching your family with our applicants.

Conducting a home visit and background check.

Placing matching students into your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.When will students arrive?

Our two ‘peak’ seasons are from the end of July through August and from the end of January through February. We also need host families to host our long term students for the entire school year.

2.How many students can I host?

You can host 2, 3, or more students per week depending on the size of your available beds.

3.What is the compensation for hosting?

Our current standard rate is $200 per week (6 nights) per student. For example, if you host 4 students for one week your compensation will be $800.

4.Where are the students coming from?

Most of our students come from China and Japan, but we do get students from all parts of the world.

5.How old are the students?

Students can range from elementary, middle, to high school levels. We do our best to place students at a school close to your home.

6.Can I host adult visitors?

Yes, student groups are accompanied by adult chaperones, usually the students’ teachers. Just let us know you are willing to host adults and we’ll make it happen.

7.Does the host family provide meals for the students?

Yes, host families are required to provide a daily breakfast, a pack lunch, and dinner.

8.Do I need to drive the students to school and pick them up from school every day?

Yes, host families are required to make sure students arrive on time to school and get picked up at the end of the school day.

9.What will the students do all day?

Most students will attend local schools for most of the day. Host families are encouraged to have students participate in family outings as much as possible—shopping, eating out, recreation, etc.

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