A Letter From Our Founder

Most international students arrive in the United States with few friends or family to watch out for them. I understand these issues on a personal level—when I was a student, I studied in many foreign countries and often felt overwhelmed by the stress caused by being away from my family, and by the cultural differences and language barriers. I started EduAbroad because I wanted to provide these students with the personal attention and care that only a parent can give.

As a parent myself, I understand the difficult decision to send your child abroad; although the opportunity is great, it is tough for a parent to hand over responsibility of their child to people they don’t know. Oftentimes, education agencies do not equip parents with the resources they need to stay involved with their child’s progress. This can lead students to struggle in adjusting to American life and finding the right path for their educational journey. I started EduAbroad with a simple mission: to provide personal service with sensitivity to the individual needs of both parent and child.

Hiromi Shimamura Signature

Hiromi Shimamura — President, EduAbroad