lacement into Kindergarten through twelfth grade institutions in the United States allows an international student to build a pathway to academic success. Students are entering the United States at earlier ages every year to build a foundation of knowledge and achievement that will be attractive to college admissions counselors. We provide a broad range of offerings in this area, including F-1 private and public school placements, J-1 exchange placement, a full range of attractive boarding and day school offerings, and a suite of services to support the student’s course of study.

Our K-12 Programs:

High School Pathway Program

EduAbroad’s High School Pathway Program is a unique option that helps students transition smoothly to the American school system. This program allows students to prepare their English skills for several months prior to beginning their regular education. The extra time allotted by this program allows international students the chance to find their footing and spend more time choosing the right school. Since this program functions outside the regular school system, start dates are more flexible and the application process is quicker.

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Student Exchange J-1

J-1 programs are among the lowest cost options available to students intending to study in the United States. Such programs offer a great value and generally allow students to obtain a quality academic experience and deep cultural immersion. J-1 high school programs are limited to one year, meaning that the student will have the option to transfer to an F-1 school if he or she desires to do so after the first year. J-1 placements are typically made all over the United States. It is just as common to receive a J-1 placement for a rural community as it is to receive a placement into a school in a large city, so students should be flexible in terms of where they would like to study.

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Public School F-1

American public schools allow international students to get the “traditional” American high school experience at a lower cost than some other competing options. Public school programs in the United States utilize the F-1 visa and I-20 form. Such schools in the United States tend to be larger than their private counterparts, and offer a good chance for students with solid English skills and independence to excel and to get a taste of the real American high school experience. Public school programs are currently limited to a single year enrollment limit, so are best suited to a student that is coming for a shorter term cultural experience or that intends to transfer to another school when the first year is completed.

Private School F-1

Private schools in the United States offer a great variety of schooling options for international students. Private schools represented by EduAbroad typically utilize the F-1 visa and I-20 form. From the smallest private boarding schools to large and diverse day schools, Edu Abroad works directly with partner schools all across the continental United States. Private schools typically offer a very tailored educational experience with special programs, very close attention from school staff and faculty, and small class sizes. These attributes make private schools an ideal place for building foundational skills, improving English skills, and getting close personal interaction with fellow students and with mentors.

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Balboa City School

Location: San Diego, California

Type: Private High School

San Diego Academy

Location: National City, California

Type: Private High School