duAbroad’s homestay program gives international students the chance to immerse themselves in American culture during their stay in the United States. Whether you using homestay as part of a study package or just want to find a family to stay with for a short period of time, EduAbroad’s large homestay network has exactly what you need. All of our families are background checked, interviewed, and matched to suit the needs of specific students. Staying with an American homestay family is a great chance for cultural exposure, language learning, and making new friends.

Why Homestay?

EduAbroad recommends homestay because it offers students a culturally integrated experience, all while maintaining a balance of supervision and personal freedom. Why homestay? Because homestay students learn more, stay safer, and live better.

Benefits of Homestay:

  • International students living with a host family as part of a homestay program get fully immersed in the American culture and language allowing them to gain valuable life experiences they wouldn’t get from school.

  • Students form a deep and long term relationship with their host family, providing them with a nurturing home environment, and a trusted ally as they make their way through the American school system.

  • Host families take on the international student like they would their own child, providing guidance and supervision.

Screening and Matching:

  • Host families are thoroughly screened and background checked.

  • Host family homes are inspected to check that they meet our strict homestay standards prior to approval.

  • Students and host families are matched based on the needs of the student, such as the preference for transportation, location, provisions, and housing type.

  • All host families are oriented and prepared to create a supporting enviroment for students.

Click here to download the EduAbroad homestay application.