any American K-12 schools require international students to have a local guardian to advocate for the student in the absence of their parents. Guardianship services give natural parents the peace of mind of knowing that their children in America have twenty-four hour support, emergency services, academic help and school reporting, or even just someone to talk to in tough times. We have guardians on staff that are fluent in multiple languages, so we can always help with the student's transition to the American system and bridge the gap between students and homestay families.

Our Services:

Our guardians are available to the student, their parents, and their host family 24 hours a day in case any problems arise. Guardians monitor the student’s academic progress and arrange for tutors or other assistance if it is needed. Our guardians also help coordinate extracurricular activities such as sports, field trips and family get-togethers.

Guardianship Service

  • 24 Hour emergency help

  • Initial legal consultations provided upon unforeseen problems relating to immigration/visa.

  • Attendance at parent-teacher conferences in lieu of parents.

  • Regular contact with student to monitor progress and ensure happiness.

  • If requested, oversight of student finances on behalf of parents.

  • Advocacy when problems with school or homestay, local contact to act as a “lifeline” upon problems arising.

Local Support Service

  • Provide consultation and assistance in making travel arrangements

  • Orientation to American life and provide resources for questions student may have.

  • Quarterly reports to the parents regarding academic performance

  • Specific feedback from teachers and administrators communicated directly to foreign agent/parent.

  • Specific feedback from homestay family on student’s adjustment to life in America.

  • Direct action to accommodate parent requests or needs relating to student